Goomaroo Cat Litter Deodorising Spray 120ml


  • Fresh scent – Fresh, natural scent that brings the essence of nature to your cat’s litter box, without being overwhelming

  • Plant based ingredientsCrafted with plant-based ingredients for a non-toxic, pet-safe solution

  • Easy to use – Convenient 120ml spray bottle for easy, precise application

  • Ideal for multi-cat households Effectively neutralises odours with our powerful formula, freshness assured in multi-cat households

Goomaroo Cat Litter Deodorising Spray 120ml

Introducing the revolutionary Cat Litter Deodorising Spray, designed to transform your home environment for both you and your feline companions. This formula boasts a powerful blend of plant-based ingredients, ensuring a non-toxic solution that’s safe for your pets and your family. With its fresh, natural scent reminiscent of the outdoors, this spray effectively neutralizes odors, keeping your home smelling clean and inviting.
Ideal for multi-cat households, this spray tackles odors from multiple litter boxes, providing continuous freshness throughout your space. Its convenient 120ml spray bottle allows for easy and precise application, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimal effort.
Ingredients: FS Compound Bioenzymes, Plant Extracts, Water


Spray directly onto the cat litter box from a distance of 20-30CM.

Usage Precaution

-Do not spray directly onto pets.
-Keep out of reach of children.
-In the event that your pet experiences any discomfort, discontinue use promptly.

Package Included : 120ml

SKU: GMR0089

Barcode: 9360768000089